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Rana: The next 'Coolie'

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Superstar Rajinikanth's post-illness film Rana, will now be projected in the same way as the Big B's 'Coolie' a film where the super-hero conquers death.

This has an uncanny resemblance to the Big B's classic Coolie. On 26 July 1982, Bachchan had a near-fatal accident while shooting for the film. After two months in the hospital, he returned to the sets. And now, it's the Tamil superstar's turn. According to sources, the Coolie-Rana parallel will run deeper still.

After his recovery Bachchan's character in Coolie had not died as per the script. In Rana too, all three characters to be played by Rajini will now live, although one of them was supposed to die.

Says a source, "His fans want him to live even in his films. All these modifications and changes in the script are now being worked out."

The superstar, meanwhile is recovering in Singapore and has started doing power-yoga every morning. He is expected to be back on his feet in a month. Though this may come as a great piece of news for Rajini lovers, on the flip side, it is unlikely that the superstar would be able to do all the mindblowing stunts that he had been planned for Rana.

The various action scenes that were written for the actor will now be modified or done entirely by a body-double. Even Enthiran 2 which Shankar is planning at this very minute, now stands terminated until further notice.

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