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Rajini's biography to hit stands on 12.12.12

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A biography of Rajinikanth will hit the market in superstar's style on 12.12.12. Publishers Penguin Books India said that 'Rajinikanth' by critic-producer Naman Ramachandaran will be the first and only definitive biography of one of India's biggest stars and the launch will commemorate his 62nd birthday on the unique date December 12, 2012.

"The book will comprehensively analyse his meteoric career in the movie industry from his debut performance to his forthcoming blockbuster 'Rana', releasing this year.

"With never before presented insights on his personal and political life, this book, for the first time analyses the unmatched charm and magic of Rajinikanth that bridges the unique boy-next-door, down to earth persona, with that of his larger than life superstar image," the publishers said in a statement.

The book will also contain rare pictures and anecdotes.

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